Ik ben Thandeka, uit Zuid Afrika. I was an exchange student in the her 2006. Mijn gast familie was Jan en Atsie Boersma, Seadwei. I just wanted to greet all you happy people from Eastermar. From the bakker and the spar I used to help work at. I appreciate you all and miss you. To my host family, Boersma, you're the greatest! I miss the CJF, patat met pindasaus, rodekool, kroket, hashee, het fietsen, streetdance, sneew, etc. I miss Holland. To everyone who knows me, I've not forgotten you. Aukje and Atsie, you made me feel very cared for. I'm still grateful even today. Heel veel success!

Groetjes uit Zuid Afrika

Thandeka Dank u!

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